Guinness Beer

Alias: Skip, Skippy
Height: 5'10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Born: Iroquois Falls, Ont.
Famous Quote: "Does a bear shit in the bush? Is a frog's ass watertight?"

This son of an Irishman has the unremarkable denotation of being the second best guy from Iroquois Falls (this might be changing though). Trite jokes and poor Elvis impressions are some of the endeavours that occupy Mike's time. When you can't find him flexing his culinary muscle on the barbecue you can find him making regular contributions to the Club's Puke Bank - the only charity that you're glad to see go down the tubes. Should you wish to receive a donation please contact Skip immediately. Please give 24 minutes notice; warm beer is accepted at par.

Skippy Handleman