Imported beer reviews


Budweiser Bud

Thin and watery; head disappears quicky and somewhat bitter. Not much character in this beer to write to keep your expectations low.

Beer Category - Lager - 5.0% Alcohol
For Best Results - Drink cold. Goes well with food or in large quantities. Good in a bottle but often a little flat on draught.


Welcome to your Carlsberg years

Welcome to your Carlsberg years! With its origins in Denmark, Carlsberg is one of the largest brewers in the world. This beer has a thick bubbled head, a sharp body, a thicker than usual texture and leaves a bitter taste on the tongue.

Beer Category - Pilsner - 5.0% Alcohol
For Best Results - Drink cold, not recommended with food. If drinking in large quantities keep a garbage can close by and cancel all morning appointments.


Guinnesss Guiness

Mushy, mellow, mildly bitter and very satisfying. Guinness is a well calibrated beer that takes a little getting used to - not for novices. Though best on draught at a good pub, the cans are also ok thanks to the widgets.

Beer Category - Stout - 4.0% Alcohol
For Best Results - Drink cool, good with food and perfect in a bar atmosphere on draught.

Kilkenny  Irish Beer Kilkenny


It has gotta be the widget! This is by far one of the best beers out there - and in these reviews it definitely comes out on top. Kilkenny is full bodied and very flavourful, its creamy like milk - heck, its much better than milk. Though best on draught, it is quite good in cans thanks to the nitrogen filled plastic widgets which make sure that every can comes out creamy just as it would at the pub. Well worth the high price.

Beer Category - Ale - 5.0% Alcohol
For Best Results - Drink cold, excellent with food & perfect in a bar.

St. Ides 40oz  Malt Liquor

St Ides Malt Liquor

If you ever feel like sitting out by the porch or on the curb and brown baggin' it - then St. Ides is the brew for you. Obviously if you are drinking this malt liquor, you aren't doing it for the taste. This beer will give you a kick going in and coming out. Make sure you have enough brown bags.

Beer Category - Malt Liquor - 7.9% Alcohol
For Best Results - Drink cold, preferably in a brown bag.